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Yo, un domingo.


Yo, un domingo.


Impossible to type with my hooker nails


Impossible to type with my hooker nails

Anonymous asked: I know at some clubs you have to tip your dj and the club but im just a lttle nervous idk what to do and how to do it im not afraid to dance on a stage i just don't know what to do and how the jobs work like after my dance do i pick up the money and leave are there any lockers to keep my purse and items how does it work? I'm just really confused I want to pursue but I dont want to be scammed or so but it would mean a lot if you reply please and thank you

Every club that I have been to, you either:
1) Get paid on the spot and the club takes a percentage right then and there before the dance.
OR 2) Get paid on the spot before the dance and at the end of the night the club will take a certain amount of money.

The club that I just recently left had a pretty flat rate. All of the different private dances, the club got 50% of whatever the price is. Always. But all stage money was yours to keep and there was no tipping out to anyone at the club other than $5 to the doorman for walking us to our cars. Although even that wasn’t required.

All clubs are different. Any club I’ve been to has a locker to keep your items in. And I always kept all of my money on me. ALWAYS. I would suggest looking into clubs around your area. Checking them out maybe with a friend to see what type of club you want to be at. 

malloryrainey asked: I just wanna say I love your blog! Im starting at a club as a shooters girl and possibly seeing about dancing I'm still not sure, but I love that you aren't ashamed :)

Thank you!
There’s no point of being ashamed. =P 
I don’t flaunt my business to everyone, but if someone asks I’ll tell.. Unless it is in the Tumblr world, then I just spill the beans all the time. Hah.  

lightpinkpearls asked: hi :) umm i just read all of your stripper tips & your stories. they were soo interesting and helpful so thank you :) i am an aspiring stripper lol

You’re welcome! I’m sure I’ll be posting more in the future. =]

Anonymous asked: Hi :) I was wondering if you could tell me about your first lap dance. Was it awkward? Did he like it? Did he know it was your first? How was your first dance different than how you do lap dances now as an experienced dancer? thank you so much!

Oh my god, I don’t think I even remember my first lap dance to be completely honest. Haha. I know my dances have evolved, just as any dancers would after this amount of time. I know I was probably nervous as ever for my first one. Now it is really not that big of a deal, just another night at work. Lol.


I haven’t logged onto here in a LONG time. Sorry tumblr, I definitely forgot about you in my crazy little life. I’ll be answering all of these messages soon and posting as well. =P

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