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The Dressing Room;

I always wanted to make a post about the dressing room about a strip club because I’ve heard of people ask about it, talk about it, and people seem to have the wrong idea. Haha.

Here’s what goes on in a strip club’s dressing room.

  • Most of the girls are just hanging around and talking while doing make-up, hair, and getting dressed.
  • Others are eating their dinners, bringing food in for other girls, while others are already starting to sip on a drink or two.
  • And some are just trying to relax. We are all like normal people. We get tired, we have periods, and dancing all night can be a beating on the body.
  • Dancers tend to their ’problems’. Such as cutting off tampon strings so you won’t have a string pop out of your outfit when dancing on stage. Awkward. Half the time girls bend over in front of the full length mirror to make sure they cut the string short enough. It’s quite a humorous sight to see.
  • Others will tend to their other personal problems. Such as bitching about life, money, boyfriends, and doing normal gossip that most females can’t seem to stop talking about.
  • And some will bitch about the customers and talk dirty about them in the dressing room since they can’t be flat out rude to someone when they are on the floor.
  • The manager and housemom is in and out of the dressing room constantly. The housemom makes sure that the girls look good, and that we all are getting ready. The manager is stressing out about the owner bitching at him for not having the girls ready on time.

We are all normal people who have just chosen dancing as a way to make money. And a dressing room isn’t a place where there a million of pretty naked girls walking around and making out with each other. Pfftt, half the time you’ll find most of the girls putting a sweatshirt on while they take a break.

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